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Cosmetic Dentistry

This is treatment carried out specifically to improve the appearance of the smile. Bleaching, tooth coloured composites, porcelain veneers and crowns and simple recontouring the teeth can improve the shape, colour and alignment of teeth. 


A veneer is a thin layer of tooth coloured material that is put onto the front of the tooth to make it look better. Some veneers are made using tooth coloured composite material, built up onto the tooth directly (known as cosmetic bonding).

The other type made from porcelain, made by a technician from an impression taken after the teeth are prepared. Typically about 0.3 to 0.7 mm of tooth structure is removed, which is very conservative. The veneers are then cemented at the next visit, usually a week or two after the preparation appointment.

Veneers can greatly improve your appearance. They are simple solution to broken, discoloured and chipped teeth. They also are an alternative to wearing braces ‘instant orthodontics’. They hide imperfections and you lose very little tooth structure.

Veneers also protect teeth from anymore damage if the teeth have become thin and weak, typically by eating acidic foods and drinks.