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Teeth Whitening 

Research has shown that when people make contact with one another, the first things they look at are the smile and the eyes. Beautiful white teeth improve self-confidence. Professional tooth whitening is a safe and simple way to a brilliant white smile.

Thirteen years ago, something truly innovative was introduced to the dental industry:

The Opalescence Tooth Whitening System.

I personally started using the Opalescence system in 1998 and have continued using it as the results my patients have attained are brilliant. The whitening procedure can be performed in the dental surgery or at home, during the day or night. Opalescence gives your teeth back the white colour lost over the years. Tooth whitening is a process which lightens discolorations and stains of tooth enamel. The system uses high viscosity gels used in customized trays or with the power bleaching system, applied directly to the teeth by the dentist. It works for everybody, irrespective of age. The degree of whitening differs from individual to individual, depending on the condition of the teeth, the method and length of application. The product does not whiten crowns, bridges, inlays, acrylic or amalgam fillings.

There are two methods of whitening:

1. At home (tray based)

Opalescence® 10% & PF 10, 15 & 20%

Refresh the white.

  • Unbeatable daytime bleaching, 30 minutes, twice daily

  • University study proves gel stays active for 8-10 hours during overnight bleaching

  • Fluoride & patented micro potassium nitrate for sensitivity

  • 20% water helps prevent dehydration and shade relapse

  • Sticky, viscous formula stays in tray

Opalescence is recommended for whitening discoloured teeth prior to placement of composite, veneers, and/or crowns. Opalescence is effective in removing some or all of the internal tooth discolorations due to congenital, systemic, pharmacologic, traumatic, etc., factors and aging. Great success with fluorosis and even tetracycline staining. The Opalescence sticky formula does not leach from the tray like other bleaching gels. Patients experience results quickly, which motivates them to pursue the treatment. Vital teeth whitened with Opalescence remain lighter for years. Opalescence is available in a variety of concentrations, formulations, flavours and kit configurations to meet all your whitening needs.

The length of treatment can vary from one week to six weeks depending on what the original shade was and to what shade is desired.

Opalescence® Whitening Toothpaste

  • Unique formula allows efficient, quick flouride release

  • Highest enamel flouride uptake

  • Maximum enamel & dentin restoration protection

  • Anti-stain support following Opalescence whitening treatment

Opalescence Toothpaste is excellent for patients who want to preserve the shade of their whitened teeth. Its fresh flavour and unique properties also make Opalescence Toothpaste the ideal choice for patients who want to maintain good oral health. The unique formula maximizes fluoride uptake into enamel while removing surface stain at the lowest abrasive levels.  

2. Power bleaching (in surgery)

Opalescence® Xtra® BOOST

  • 38% hydrogen peroxide for quicker results

  • Chemically activated - no light necessary

  • Chairside syringe-to-syringe mixing to ensure freshness

Opalescence Xtra Boost offers the convenience of syringe delivery, plus the bleaching power of activated 38% hydrogen peroxide. Mix to activate the product just prior to application. Activated gel is then applied to teeth for whitening – without a light.

Usually two sessions of bleaching, an hour in length each is sufficient.

In both cases, longer treatment times may be necessary in specific cases, depending on the level of discolouration.

Top up whitening is recommended once per year to maintain whiteness, but the initial whiteness is stable for three or four years depending on consumption of discolouring foodstuffs, mainly tea, coffee, red wine, smoking.

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